from wikipedia:

“…postmodern music is both a musical style and a musical condition. as a musical style, postmodern music might be characterized in similar ways to postmodern art, being both a break from and in some ways an extension of aesthetic modernism. like modernist music, postmodern composers tend to favor eclecticism (“the borrowing of a variety of styles from different sources and combining them”) in musical form and musical genre, and often combine characteristics from different genres, or employ jump-cut sectionalization (such as blocks). but unlike modernism, there tends to be a self-referential and ironic stance, and a more pronounced blurring of traditional boundaries between “high art” and kitsch…”
in many ways, this seems to fit very well into how i’ve always viewed things, right back to the old manes days… so, i am a postmodernist? maybe?
but, “…postmodern music does not have any one particular style or characteristic, and is not necessarily postmodern in style or technique…”

– ccernn


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