The Fugs documentary

Since revolutions past have all been declared to have come to naught. Here’s one from a couple attempts ago. What would have happened if they’d had open source warfare, open source culture and more serious crypto-fascists in power?

Saith Boingboing:

Jess Hemerly found this fun Swedish TV special from 1968 about proto-punk group The Fugs. The interview segments at the beginning where they are asked to show their personalities in 30 seconds or less are a laugh-riot. The scene pictured here features Ed Sanders poetically commenting on his penchant for “astral perversion.”

Part One:

Part Two:

Some of you may remember Ed Sanders for “The Family”, a book on Charles Manson and his merry gang. I think he was the first to try and connect Charlie and The Process Church of the Final Judgment. (Can anyone enlighten me on that? The claim was tenuous at best, but I like to know who said what when.) The chapter on the subject can be found here.

For the “Anonymous” followers of you out there, The Process Church of the Final Judgment had links to old L. Ron and his band of merry wackos.


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