the least desireable user group

hah! probably quite obviously – i am on a never-ending linux-evangelization-quest, and was really satisfied to see a comment like this on the ardour forum, in a thread about a potential windows version (ardour is mac & linux):

windows users ARE THE LEAST DESIREABLE user group out there to pursue. this isn’t a slam against them at all, it is just a reality that they are taught that being cheap (i.e. not willing to pay for the true worth of something, just look at the warez scene, i know whole businesses running on warez – though not for much longer) is actually a good thing, and when they do pay a few nickles for something they expect that they don’t haveto learn anything to use it properly. oh and if you dare tell them that they are ’undertrained compared to other user groups such as mac users or linux users, you won’t believe how offended they get – afterall they know how to use a mouse and google therefore they are totally computer saavy.

and a screenshot

– ccernn


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