the wave structure of matter

i recently found some really interesting videos about the wave structure of matter (wsm), harmonical theory, music of the spheres, the butterfly effect, octaves & 12-tone (equal temeprament?) scale, cycles in nature, and how all of these (and more) are the results of the same thing – standing waves. a bit ‘dry’ and scientific, but really, really interesting. inspires you to think about everything in a different way. whatever is accepted as fact today might be superstition and obsolete scientific theories tomorrow. is what the scientists ‘know’, really ‘real’? or just their way of trying to explain things? like religion? or magick? and what is music? why is it (almost) universal? why is, for example, an octave such a pleasing frequency interval, and same with minor and major chords. have a look at artynz’s youtube channel and website. and a few other related websites here and here.

how to make a universe, part 1:

– ccernn


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