open source

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open source is a development methodology, which offers practical accessibility to a product’s source (goods and knowledge). some consider open source as one of various possible design approaches, while others consider it a critical strategic element of their operations.

the open source model of operation and decision making allows concurrent input of different agendas, approaches and priorities, and differs from the more closed, centralized models of development.

open source culture is the creative practice of appropriation and free sharing of found and created content. examples include collage, found footage film, music, and appropriation art. open source culture is one in which fixations, works entitled to copyright protection, are made generally available. participants in the culture can modify those products and redistribute them back into the community or other organizations.

open source record labels are a reaction against what some musicians see as corporate control of music via means of copyright. they believe that creativity requires that musicians reappropriate and reinterpret music and sounds to enable them to create truly innovative music. open source record labels attempt to release music under so-called “copyleft”, a license that enables musicians to develop music collaboratively and equitably and then release it into the same licence.

open source religions attempt to employ open source methodologies in the creation of religious belief systems. as such, their systems of beliefs are created through a continuous process of refinement and dialogue among the believers themselves. in comparison to traditional religions – which are considered authoritarian, hierarchical, and change-resistant – they emphasize participation, self-determination, decentralization, and evolution. followers see themselves as part of a more generalized open source movement, which does not limit itself to software, but applies the same principles to other organized, group efforts to create human artifacts.

and the open source order of the golden dawn

– ccernn


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