MediaDefender attacks a legitimate Internet TV company

I find this first one interesting, for I*’ve been unable to pull up a well known site I occasionally contribute to, something that started happening after they had a denial-of-service attack:

via BoingBoing:

MediaDefender, the thugs paid by the entertainment industry to spy on file-sharers and attempt to cripple file-sharing networks, attacked a legitimate Internet TV company called Revision3 over the weekend, launch as massive denial-of-service attack in retaliation for having their spy-bots locked out of R3’s BitTorrent trackers:

Revision3 runs a tracker expressly designed to coordinate the sharing and downloading of our shows. It’s a completely legitimate business practice, similar to how ESPN puts out a guide that tells viewers how to tune into its network on DirecTV, Dish, Comcast and Time Warner, or a mall might publish a map of its stores…

Link if you can view it. (I know I’m blocked. And I’m not within the Great Firewall ov China…)

So, if you’re a legitimate company using new delivery technologies, you may find yourself in a war with failing, bloated corporate entities that do not have the wherewithal to create anything worth buying. We need a new internet and not invite the cartels to the party.

I predict these DOS attacks are going to become more of an issue, for media startups, new technologies, and believe it, alternative news sources.

Open source culture, open source news, open source society, open source meme warfare.


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