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kkoagulaa – podkkast – Aurum Nostrum I

Welcome to the first transmission of the kkoagulaa podkkast, starting from the point of one awakening from a dream, we bring you on a journey the simultaneously takes us inward and outside ourselves.

Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver?

A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life.

After all notions have been dissected

And all expressions have been deconstructed

As world views have been exploded

And connections to others have been dissolved

Comes another swing of the pendulum

Again changes the sum and substance

A time for renewal, for creation, cor consolidation

From solve to coagula

That which was expanded contracts

Cryptic works become clear

Obscured layers of meaning show themselves in all their beautiful simplicity

The imperfect, diseased, corruptible and ephemeral becomes perfect, healthy, incorruptible and everlasting

The map ceases to prevent us from exploring the territory

ah, we have achieved kkoagulaa

Our first transmission eases us into an opening of the third eye:

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kkoagulaa – podkkast – Aurum Nostrum II

Improvising on memeplex patterns

Achieving altered nation states
Advance guard of armies
of brutalized art
Excessive inquisitiveness quelled
by a chemical shroud
Propaganda, trenches dug
in your patch of reality
Filled in, dirt dispersed
in a great uncovering
Creation and chaos,
dissociative engagement
All time is, then, now, after,
all one moment
Beginning to end, alpha to omega,
ssolvve to kkoagulaa.

Elements from the recording sessions for the debut kkoagulaa album “Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi”

Podcast mp3

Kkoagulaa – Podkkast – Aurum Nostrum II


A free-flowing, off kilter image that drew itself. All the kkoagulaa images are to be remixed, refluxored, painted over and gathered.

kkoagulaa ikkonografikkaa – Slange

Alongside the audio skketches and more refined aural manipulations, we are working visually, making the process one of fluid creation. Images work off sounds, words off imagery becoming ever more prolix and profuse, as you soon shall see, and music is again inspired from the other aspects.


nothing important, just a note:

i have a little bit of ‘bad conscience’… i have this tendency to get totally lost (immensed?) in snything new i start, as long as there’s some forward momentum and high spirits. and lately i’ve been deeply into this programming stuff, trying to get the fundaments of an audio-application done, preparing a prototype, or some working examples… but, things takes time, always much more time that you originally thought… but it’s looking good, a lot of progress is being made..

i feel kkogulaa has ‘suffered’ a little bit because of this, but, having realized this, i will dedicate more time to proper kk work…

so, things will speed up…

– ccernn

and, a test-rendering of ‘aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi’ might appear soon..

helicopter string quartet

trstn hinted me towards this one, got really fascinated, need to share it with you all:

– ccernn

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