nothing important, just a note:

i have a little bit of ‘bad conscience’… i have this tendency to get totally lost (immensed?) in snything new i start, as long as there’s some forward momentum and high spirits. and lately i’ve been deeply into this programming stuff, trying to get the fundaments of an audio-application done, preparing a prototype, or some working examples… but, things takes time, always much more time that you originally thought… but it’s looking good, a lot of progress is being made..

i feel kkogulaa has ‘suffered’ a little bit because of this, but, having realized this, i will dedicate more time to proper kk work…

so, things will speed up…

– ccernn

and, a test-rendering of ‘aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi’ might appear soon..


2 Responses

  1. thats a great news, looking forward at it. btw great podcasts

  2. […] post by ccernn and software by Elliott […]

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