the game of life

after numerous attempts at getting some new blog entries posted, i’ve come to the conclusion that i absolutely suck at writing readable, thought-provoking, and/or enjoyable text. but, fortunately we already have other excellent word-smiths, so i don’t think that’s such a big loss. what i can do instead, is let you have some sporadic, impulsive, glimpses into the more technical and abstract side of the many-faceted kkoagulaa ‘kkollektivee’.

let’s start with the ‘game of life

from wikipedia: “…in the 1970s a two-state, two-dimensional cellular automaton named game of life became very widely known, particularly among the early computing community … despite its simplicity, the system achieves an impressive diversity of behavior, fluctuating between apparent randomness and order. one of the most apparent features of the game of life is the frequent occurrence of gliders, arrangements of cells that essentially move themselves across the grid. it is possible to arrange the automaton so that the gliders interact to perform computations, and after much effort it has been shown that the game of life can emulate a universal turing machine…”


to see how it looks like in realtime, watch/download this video (ogg/theora, 25.6mb)

[i planned to have  an mp3 preview of the above session here, but forgot to press record… i’ll try to remember it next time, or update this entry later]

next post, i’ll describe this little beast of a sequencer, how we are using it internally in kkoagulaa, how you can download it, and give some other examples and hints on how to use and abuse..

– ccernn


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