some audio…

copy/paste from myspace:

the debut album “aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi” (to be released by aural music) is receiving its last, finishing touches right now. audio is being finalized, artwork is being worked on, things have been dissolved and coagulated a lot of times… so, we have a lot of temporary audio, sketches, and stepping stones lying around, and here’s your chance to hear some of it. and there’s even more over @myspace.
more info about the album soon…

impressions of ardour

concentration expansiveness


4k revisit

during the final tweaks and mixing of  “aurum nostrum…” i/we needed some external inspiration and impulses, and perhaps you might enjoy some of it too. yet another visit to the demoscene:

– a 32×32 pixels (rgba)= 4kb

– a 0.023 sample (stereo, 44.1khz/cd-quality) = 4kb

– the following intros, with music, graphics, code, everything = 4kb

quantum flame – dma

yes we can – quite

atrium – tbc/loonies

texas – keyboarders

nucleophile – tbc/portal process

receptor – tbc

sult – loonies

micropolis – tbc/mainloop


– ccernn