Cultural Blindspots

Using the counter at the diner to chop lines into thirds
( some other tangent entirely; compiled hastily as a just in case shit indemnity )

Barriers left still standing in the wake of the death of The Movement(tm)

With respect to the indefensibly faddish neo-conservative banalities effluenced by closeted-subversives, wannabe agents provocateurs, and failed cultural mutineers who’ve succumb to the trendy obscurantism of pandering connivance and lobby-hopping collusion which infests the most critical arenas of our political super-structure it’s worth mentioning that although societies appear to function with some degree of transitional seamless-ness when it comes to maintaining the various industries and institutions that inevitably engorge the slimy behemoth of finance and commerce there is nothing less stable than the failed sea monkey civilization experiment that we call modern society in so-called first world nations.

We’re talking here about the systemic global monstrosity erected long ago (if even in primitive ideal alone) which prevents the planet from returning to the quest for fire. This offers us a glimpse into the ambiguous meta-narrative dictated by countless tyrannical despots regimes and tirelessly rewritten by innumerable resistances and rebellions.

This cultural blindspot represents a failed attempt to digest some sort of idealistic mystery meat that is all too often excused (or more appropriately diffused) by the sentiment that such acts of utilitarian amalgamation are committed “for our own benefit” lending credence to the notion that information itself can act as the catalyst for such radical change in thinking so as to facilitate widespread panic, and general civil unrest. This brand of information (which possesses quasi-malignant memetic undertones) has the capacity to marginally disrupt transit, commerce, and civil service or perhaps even motivate misguided anarchism with bursts of revolutionary upheaval, rebellion, or sporadic outbreaks of riots that ultimately lead us in circles chasing our own tails only to be rewarded with a tasty nose-dive into the moist chasm of our own asses.

To those parasitic troglodytes whose literary invoice consists of ad hoc attacks on late modernism allow me to recapitulate our platform:

In all hir dealings with this reality matrix, the post-modernist chaosorcerer focuses hir attention on specific local contexts as well as the diversity of human experience in order to render a conclusive dichotomy contrasting the leftover scraps of functional truth with the portent ashes of archaic pseudo-science; wrought with esoteric tricks for split-second survival of the intricate hazards scattered about the course and the insidious etiquette encouraged both in the game green and squatting courtside in college. Hetero-liminal acceptance codes for cultural initiation to follow.

We tend to rely on immediate truths which bare sharp relevance to the unyielding storm of ever-changing circumstance we weather across the itinerant landscape of dictated Real Life(tm) and her multi/parent-subsidiary conglomerates divided amongst the fates and the furies for future furloughs further from fetid freedoms. As opposed to relying on temporal conveniences which bare stark resemblance to the tyrannic patriarchal dogma we’re force fed from infancy.

What you call “formative education” represents an indifferent engine of mandatory cultural programming which has grown larger than the sum of its parts. What you call “patriotism” we see as the induction of mass hysteria utilized to achieve support from the populous majority toward ends which may ultimately serve to benefit the few despite the many.

It seems the post-structuralist arm-chairlings remain dimly conscious of the underlying importance we place on practical applications for use against the widespread authoritarian corruption of civil liberties, the unstoppable erosion of financial securities, and outright degradation of institutional integrity.

This cheap puppet show of cardboard personalities and meaningless celebrity must not drag us into the depths of apathetic compliance with political dispersion. We pay witness to the experiential melee of staged pugilism between spontaneous randomosity and deductive predictability that we (endure) as spectators of the Spectacle’s ontological soap opera.

The fine balancing act we perform daily serves to facilitate our pronounced sense of incredulity towards meta-narratives while failing to insinuate the immeasurable importance of the human element the threshold of our mental fortitude our capacity to obtain societal leverage faculties. So says wiser men:

“According to the advocates of postmodernism, meta-narratives have lost their power to convince – they are, literally, stories that are told in order to legitimize various versions of “the truth”. With the transition from modern to postmodern, Lyotard proposes that meta-narratives should give way to ‘petits recits’ or more modest and “localized” narratives.”

The post-modern chaoist seeks a multiplicity of theoretical standpoints rather than grand, all-encompassing theories which upholds the deluded belief that all problems have solutions. Utter rubbish.


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