Weaponized Episode 2: Aftermath

The dust-devils recede and the silence booms with the voices of those who have left. All is undone but those actions that can never be undone. You are left in the aftermath, the pieces falling are grains too small to pick up. The only way out is through.

Sonic degradation and collation tools used in this episode were built by ccernn and weilded by eemersonn and Eianorange for kkoagulaa:programming-node.

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The Other Sound #10

The Other Sound #10

Welcome to “THE OTHER SOUND: ISSUE #10“. This is the second issue, and much the same as the 2012 issue (technically Issue 9) this issue is spread out here via blog version – or a print magazine re-deux of the early 1980’s magazine published by John Zewizz – “The Other Sound“. There were 8 issues printed before the magazine stopped being pressed. My goal is to have one of these out every 3 months. I can’t guarantee that I will make it, but I am giving it a shot.

THE OTHER SOUND: ISSUE #10” picks up where Issue 2012 left off. Inside you will find information about various Inner-X-Musick artists (Batcheeba), as well as Friends on Inner-X-Musick (klanggalerie/Walter Robotka, Rat King), and items that just interest me (Reviews, SexMagick). A Special thank you goes to John Zewizz, Madhav Ravindranath, Walter Robotka, Michael Ford, and Janne Berset for their help and support.

A little about “THE OTHER SOUND“… we are an organized group of people who do believe in musick. Special musick that is… we believe in keeping our musick prersonal. Not for the masses. Our musick is made to satisfy the doubt and demand for obscurity. We aim to fulfill the desires in ourselves and the desires of similar to us.

Our interests fall in the lines of obscurity and obliqueness, be it to look at… to listen to… or to engage in. Bound by a pledge to bind oneself and keep the betroth of cryptic interests alive inside oneself.

And so comes the name “THE OTHER SOUND“, the sound remaining…. remaining from the majority – (the larger number, more than half) – the masses. “THE OTHER SOUND” is our musick, our beliefs, our interests, OURS what belongs to US.

THE OTHER SOUND: ISSUE #10”  is available as a PDF HERE.

The entire “THE OTHER SOUND: ISSUE 2012” is available in a nice neat package as a PDF available HERE

Thank you,

plugin to the kkaotikk source kkore

i can’t do those thought-inspiring posts, not with prose, or lyrics.
(which is pretty obvious when reading my petty blogging efforts)
i can only express myself in audio, in code,
binary zeroes and ones, waveforms, abstract concepts and ideas…
the last year or so, i have been obsessed with coding (c++),
started an(other) opensource project: axonlib.
but now it’s time to merge all that with ‘proper’ musical/artistic projects.
(especially kkoagulaa)
we have a ton of self-produced audio effects/software available now,
and there’s a lot more coming.
software made for our own use, for our own ways of working,
we don’t need to adapt to some other genreric/a4 methodologies,
we can be our own tool-makers.
software inspiring our art, and our art (re-)inspiring the software…
megalomanic dreams, grandiose thoughts, other-worldly ideas.
in repetitive cycles.

fortunately, inspiration has never been a problem of ours, we have almost too much of that, we just need to filter out the realistic ones, the ideas that can possibly be made into ‘real life’.

if you (for any reason) are interested in following a more technological side of kkoagulaa, have a peek at axonlib (source code) or ccernn.audio (software, the binaries, plugins, etc, linux/windows). things are updated regularly…

and finally, if you have any ideas for a plugin or other software, or anything else,
we could try making it happen!
don’t be afraid to get involved! don’t hold back, follow your inner voices. (that’s what we do)
we would like to see the kkoagulaa “kkollektivee” grow!
happily lose some control.
so that things feel exciting and fresh again!

– ccernn

also, there’s too little chaos and confusion on the world, so i gladly contribute what i can to that!

and, btw, ‘i’ might mean ‘we’, and ‘we’ could mean ‘i’



ambificial life

now that we’ve been playing the game of life for a while, we give the machine a few guidelines and rules, and let it go… the result

ambificial life

here is the reaper project file.. do something with it.. you might need some plugins from here..

– ccernn

the game of life

after numerous attempts at getting some new blog entries posted, i’ve come to the conclusion that i absolutely suck at writing readable, thought-provoking, and/or enjoyable text. but, fortunately we already have other excellent word-smiths, so i don’t think that’s such a big loss. what i can do instead, is let you have some sporadic, impulsive, glimpses into the more technical and abstract side of the many-faceted kkoagulaa ‘kkollektivee’.

let’s start with the ‘game of life

from wikipedia: “…in the 1970s a two-state, two-dimensional cellular automaton named game of life became very widely known, particularly among the early computing community … despite its simplicity, the system achieves an impressive diversity of behavior, fluctuating between apparent randomness and order. one of the most apparent features of the game of life is the frequent occurrence of gliders, arrangements of cells that essentially move themselves across the grid. it is possible to arrange the automaton so that the gliders interact to perform computations, and after much effort it has been shown that the game of life can emulate a universal turing machine…”


to see how it looks like in realtime, watch/download this video (ogg/theora, 25.6mb)

[i planned to have  an mp3 preview of the above session here, but forgot to press record… i’ll try to remember it next time, or update this entry later]

next post, i’ll describe this little beast of a sequencer, how we are using it internally in kkoagulaa, how you can download it, and give some other examples and hints on how to use and abuse..

– ccernn


a sneak peak into a bit more technical side of kkoagulaa. a few math formulas, some brain melting, and a computer. now we just need to find a way to combine this with the other material. imagine a reatime, interactive version of this, with audio and visuals floating around, shapes morphing into eachother, things always changing. … .. .


[screenshot from kkTracer v0.0.1-alpha]

– ccernn