August 23rd
Service begins at 6pm

Was The Process Church truly “one of the most dangerous Satanic cults in America”? Or were they an intensely creative apocalyptic shadow side to the flower-powered ’60s and New Age ’70s. Scores of black-cloaked devotees swept the streets of New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, and other cities selling magazines with titles like Sex, Fear, Love and Death, and a theology proposing a reconciliation of Christ and Satan through awareness and love. Marianne Faithfull, George Clinton and Mick Jagger participated in Process publications, and Funkadelic reproduced Process material in two of their albums.

The inside story of this controversial group has at last emerged with Feral House’s LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH by Timothy Wyllie and other former members. Tonight, Feral House and Process Books present a re-creation of an actual Process Church “Sabbath Assembly” ritual. Author Wyllie (Father Micah) will follow to discuss the cult and his time within it in a multimedia presentation. The Sabbath Assembly band, comprised of Imaad Wasif (Tee Pee Records), Jex Thoth (I Hate Records), Kevin Rutmanis (hepa-Titus, et alii), and David Christian (of No-Neck Blues Band), will perform Process hymns and songs throughout. Join us!


Silent Movie Theater
611 N Fairfax Avenue , Los Angeles , 90036


Check out excerpts of the Process Church book HERE.

Check out the movie trailer for the Process Church book here


Pandora’s Box

ubuntu satanic edition

something for the religious people, i guess… hehe

ubuntu satanic edition

– ccernn

amnon and thamar

and it came to pass after this, that amnon the son of david loved the sister of absalom the son of david, who was very beautiful, and her name was thamar. and he was exceedingly fond of her, so that he fell sick for the love of her: for as she was a virgin, he thought it hard to do any thing dishonestly with her. [ii kings 13:1-2 ] and thamar came to the house of amnon her brother: but he was laid down: and she took meal and tempered it: and dissolving it in his sight she made little messes. and taking what she had boiled, she poured it out, and set it before him, but he would not eat: and amnon said: put out all persons from me. and when they had put all persons out, amnon said to thamar: bring the mess into the chamber, that i may eat at thy hand. and when she had presented him the meat, he took hold of her, and said: come lie with me, my sister. she answered him: do not so, my brother, do not force me: for no such thing must be done in israel. do not thou this folly. [ii kings 13:8-12] but he would not hearken to her prayers, but being stronger overpowered her and lay with her. [ii kings 13:14]


– ccernn

kkoagulaa’s three laws

a “remix” of arthur c clarke’s three laws of prediction

  • when a distinguished but elderly scientist artist states that something is possible acceptable, he is almost certainly right. when he states that something is impossible unacceptable, he is very probably wrong
  • the only way of discovering the limits of the possible acceptable is to venture a little way past them into the impossible unacceptable
  • any sufficiently advanced unacceptable technology art is indistinguishable from magic

– ccernn

kalama sutta

  • do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing
  • nor upon tradition
  • nor upon rumour
  • nor upon what is in a scripture
  • nor upon surmise
  • nor upon an axiom
  • nor upon specious reasoning
  • nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over
  • nor upon another’s seeming ability
  • nor upon the consideration, “The monk is our teacher.”
  • when you yourselves know: “these things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,” enter on and abide in them

from kalama sutta.

– ccernn

the product of human weakness

“…the word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish…”. an interesting statement from the man who were invited to become israel’s second president…

from here

– ccernn