22.275 hz

an experiment

listen to this, with headphones (very important, the sound meant for each separate ear must reach that ear only, and not be mixed with the other), turn up the volume as high as you can manage, close your eyes (or shut off the lights), and just FEEL…

then tell us how your body (or mind) reacted..

next post i’ll explain more about it, post (and let you download) the vst-plugin (win32/linux) we wrote especially for this experiment, with example projects, etc…

until then, some relevant search-terms: binaural beats, infrasound, brainwave synchronization, 22.275 hz

– ccernn


2 Responses

  1. My limbs were feeling rested, but after listening to it two times I feel a bit anxious and my head is kind of dizzy; at the same time, my attention was altered, although I am not sure in what respect. Also, when the sound turned into a some kind of strobing beat, my closed eyes started moving rapidly. I have to check what would happen if it is dark, and my eyes are open.

  2. After listening I feel like after some kind of enrgetic drink (redbull or kind of) . Senses alerted, very short reaction time, heart beat rate increased and feeling like being able to do a lot. Although, I’m having now problems with focusing. Especially interesting was the reaction between 30-1:00 , becasue I started to feel something like panic and I had problem with keeping my eyes closed .

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